Brand Communication

  • Brand Strategy
  • Consumer Research
  • Insight mining
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand guidelines

Bring Your Brand to Life

We are always excited to infuse life and longevity to your brand story. To create, maintain and grow your brand identity together

Communication Expertise

We have a decade plus legacy and a cumulative 100 years experience in brand communication to craft compelling stories for your brand that resonate with your customers and get you the recognition you deserve.

Consistency & Discipline

We ensure consistency in messaging across all touchpoints — online or offline — giving your brand the clarity and discipline needed to stand out.

Sparkling Creativity

Creativity is hard-wired in us, to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. What is a brand, but a living person with an imaginative, engaging personality? Substance Consulting is creative not only in communication but also in its solutions which makes them media and channel agnostic. We will select the best that suits your brand needs

Application Across All Touchpoints

We make sure your message is heard loud and clear across all channels — digital, print, radio, or TV. We help create an impact with our rich experience and innovative ideas.

Other Services